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Yellowstone ATV Tours During Elkfest

a deer in a field

In the late spring of every year, the residents of Jackson Hole, Wyoming take to the streets to enjoy Elkfest; a celebration of all things elk and antler. No matter whether you’re a local craftsman hoping to buy a few hundred pounds of elk antler, or you’re enjoying your first-ever Scenic Safaris Yellowstone ATV family vacation, you’ll have a great time when you stop by Elkfest.

Elk Are a Protected Species

Elk are classified as a protected species in North America. Although 10 million of these proud animals once roamed freely throughout the United States and Canada, today’s elk population is estimated to be closer to a million. The majority reside in and around Wyoming’s National Elk Refuge and Yellowstone National Park. Elkfest is a way for local community organizations such as the Jackson District Boy Scouts and the Jackson Hole Rotary Club to do their part in preserving the way of life for America’s remaining elk.

Proceeds Benefit the National Elk Refuge

In 2016, Elkfest will kick off on May 21-22. It kicks off with the annual Boy Scout Antler Auction. This year marks the 49th year that the Boy Scouts of America have auctioned off Elk antlers, with the bulk of the proceeds going to benefit the National Elk Refuge. In addition, visitors to this outdoor celebration have the opportunity to enjoy a host of other activities and events that vary from year to year, including a chili cook-off, a community band concert, and tons of food, craft and product vendors to keep every member of the family entertained.

A Yellowstone ATV Tour Takes You Close

Enhance your visit to Yellowstone National Park by celebrating everything elk. When you book a Yellowstone ATV Tour with Scenic Safaris, we’ll get you up close and personal with elk on the famous National Elk Refuge, along with Shadow Mountain and Antelope Flats. Experience Yellowstone’s majestic elk and other creatures from the comfort of your own ATV as the animals enjoy a protected way of life in one of nature’s most spectacular habitats.

For more information about Yellowstone ATV tours, contact us here at Scenic Safaris.