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Yellowstone in the Spring | ATV Adventures

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When you visit Yellowstone in the spring, you’ll not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you’ll also be able witness to exciting events that only happen here as winter makes its transition to warmer temperatures.

With the melting off snow, spring is one of the best times to sign up for the fun with Scenic Safaris on an ATV adventure. Few adventures rival the thrill of zooming along the scenic wilderness from the comfort of your own ATV. Scenic Safaris’ guided ATV tours offer you a most exciting way to interact with this peaceful paradise.

Spring Is Birthing Season at the National Elk Refuge

To see some of Yellowstone’s more intriguing babies, book our Gros Ventre ATV Ride that takes you into the thick of the National Elk Refuge. During the course of this 8-9 hour excursion, you’ll get to experience Yellowstone’s elk growing population by leaps and bounds. The park’s bighorn sheep begin lambing in May, as well, so you can expect amazement all around.

The Flora of Yellowstone Erupts in the Spring

If it’s Yellowstone’s flora that enchants you, our Shadow Mountain ATV Tour is one you don’t want to miss. Spend a few hours in one of the most scenic areas of the park: Antelope Flats at the base of Shadow Mountain. Our Shadow Mountain ATV Tour is the perfect; it is a short escape when you have other activities planned for your day. A simple half-day along the trail is all you will need to see some of the most colorful and photogenic wildflowers in the park, including Indian paintbrush, elephant’s head, shooting star, and marsh marigold.

Spring Temperatures Make Yellowstone More Enjoyable

When you visit Yellowstone in the spring, you can bring your favorite hoodie or sweater without worrying about overheating. Springtime temperatures in Yellowstone typically top out in the 60’s; perfect weather to explore the park by ATV without becoming too hot or cold.

If you’re planning your next vacation around springtime in Yellowstone National Park, be sure to book a Scenic Safaris ATV tour that takes you into the scenic backcountry and mountainous areas of some of the most beautiful wilderness you’ll ever experience.