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Yellowstone Family Vacations with Scenic Safaris

a herd of cattle standing on top of a mountain

Spring break comes around once every year and what better time than this to whisk away to lovely Yellowstone National Park for a family vacation like no other. Yellowstone family vacations in the Spring provide a variety of activities for all ages. With the transition from winter to spring, there are still some opportunities for cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. On the other hand with the warmer temperatures, you can also enjoy guided wildlife tours by Scenic Safaris.

When you book a tour with Scenic Safaris, your options include witnessing the on-schedule eruption of Old Faithful, hiking along the scenic banks of the Yellowstone River, or embarking on a wildlife tour of Grand Teton National Park. Whether you’re hoping to snap a few photos of bald eagles or just take in a spectacular sunset over some of the most captivating open areas around, a Yellowstone vacation experience with Scenic Safaris is one memory that will last forever.

Avoid the Crowds

Why is spring such a great time for Yellowstone family vacations? Well, in addition to the blossoming wildflowers and newborn animals, it’s also a slower season for the national parks. Imagine the peaceful serenity of nature without the crowds; if this sounds appealing to you, you’re going to love this area from March through May.

Learn the History and Geology of the Area

If you’re a history buff, there is so much you can learn about Yellowstone National Park. For example, did you know that Yellowstone became the world’s first designated national park in 1872? This was nearly 50 years before the National Parks Service was officially established in 1916. But, even prior to that designation, the area was a popular place for people to enjoy its pristine beauty; some called it home and others came for hunting. Yellowstone was also known as a major transportation route for traders and explorers. As well, the geological features that have been meticulously carved by the Yellowstone River are unique to the area and hold a special kind of fascination for rock hounds the world over.

See the Wildlife

Are you an animal lover? Scenic Safaris lets you relax inside comfortable luxury vans for several of our tours, including our Grand Teton Wildlife offering. You’ll see all manner of wild animals from elk to moose when you book a safari tour of the area. There is nothing else like it.

As you can imagine, Yellowstone family vacations are a once in a lifetime experience. Escape reality for a little while and book your spring break here today!