Avalanche Courses

Scenic Safaris is partnering with The Mountain Riding Lab
To save lives through avalanche education

Get the knowledge & training necessary to be a safer, smarter, & be a better backcountry snowmobiler! | (307) 200-7929

Instructors - Will Mook & Matt Schebaum together have 15 years combined experience in backcountry snowmobiling and professional guiding;
They are certified American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) instructors;
American Avalanche Association (A3) Pro members; and trained in wilderness medicine and CPR/first aid.
Their goal is to save lives through avalanche education and promote a culture of awareness and responsibility in the backcountry!



Motorized Level 1 is a 3 day / 24 hour avalanche course specifically designed for snowmobilers and snow bikers. This course emphasizes riding time and teaches the fundamental aspects involved in desicison making and the risk management process with respect to backcountry snowmobiling and snow biking in avalanche terrain. Topics covered include preparation, planning, and execution of a backcountry ride, avalanche terrain identification, hazard mitigation, and safe travel techniques; as well as basic weather and snowpack analysis and avalanche resuce techniques. After short classroom sessions, we get out in the field and ride each day of the course to apply the topics. This course is right for any snowmobiler or snow biker that wants to leave the trail.

Motorized AIARE Avalanche Rescue is a 1 day / 8 hour field course that teaches you the essential life saving skills and techniques of companion rescue. Learn how to properly use your transceiver, shovel, avalanche probe, and other gear.  This course is great for any experience level and is intended to be retaken on a regular basis in order to keep up to date on the best practices in rescue techniques and gear. New participants will learn the basics of - and practice - companion rescue, while return participants can expand their skill set with advanced topics and complex realistic scenario practice.  This course expands on the basic rescue skills in a Level 1 and is a great one to take every season with your riding group to get dialed on your technique and rescue gear as a team.

Avalanche Class & Backcountry Riding pakages are the best of both worlds! Get your avalanche training then join us for extra days of guided backcountry riding - putting your new knowledge to the test accompanied by an instructor for extended mentorship - and awesome riding! We offer 3-day and 5-day packages. Choose a 1-day Avalanche Rescue with 2-days of backcountry riding; or a 3-day AIARE 1 with 2-days of backcountry riding. The best way to step up your mountain riding game and become a trained and well-rounded mountain rider!

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To sign up for classes please visit The Mountain Riding Lab or call 307-200-7929

For snowmobile rentals for classes please call us at 307-734-8898


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Brooks Lake Lodge 4 Day 3 Night Overnight Package

Read Brooks Lake Lodge 4 Day 3 Night

Brooks Lake Lodge 4 Day 3 Night Overnight Package

Package includes:

• 4 days snowmobiling with one of our professional guides
• 3 nights lodging at luxurious Brooks Lake Lodge (rooms feature lodge pole pine furniture, goose down bedding and plush spa robes)
• Fine dining (multi-course dinners, made to order breakfast, gourmet lunch items, & afternoon tea)
• 2016 or ’17 Ski-Doo snowmobile, fuel, & oil
• Outerwear including (one-piece suit, full-face helmet, boots, gloves, & balaclava face mask)

Spa treatments are also available for an additional fee


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