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3-Day Private Luxury Snow Coach Tour (Yellowstone)

A Specially Curated Deep-Dive into the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE)

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Tour prices vary through out the season. Rates displayed are the average rates. All Ages • Up to 10 People

3-Day Wildlife & Sightseeing Snow Coach Tour (GYE)

Embark on a luxury three-day, two-night* private Yellowstone winter snow expedition via snow coach or snowcat. Capture Wyoming’s rare and pristine backdrops, including Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, National Elk Refuge, and Jackson Hole.

Experience once-in-a-lifetime views of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the snowy wildlife meccas of Hayden and Madison Valleys. Then head over to the Yellowstone Caldera with its Upper, Midway and Lower Geyser Basins and experience an Old Faithful eruption.

Cruise along seven rivers of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the icy Jackson, Lewis, and Yellowstone Lakes. Pause at each location along the way, giving you plenty of time to observe over 4,000 elk, bask in the Grand Teton sunrise, and revel in the 65,000-year-old lava flow of the Firehole Canyon. With endless wildlife possibilities, don’t forget to pack your camera.

* Requires two-night stay in West Yellowstone, MT.

Meet Jeffrey J. Soulliere, Your Lead Guide

a person standing posing for the camera

Jeffrey J. Soulliere spent years running with astronauts and working inside America’s theater of human spaceflight, at the Kennedy Space Center. When the space shuttle program retired, Jeff embarked on a new mission, the art of wildlife photography. From Jackson Hole to around the world, Jeff photographs seldom-seen moments in nature and guides others to do the same. 

Over the years, he has become an expert on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE), its history, wildlife behaviors, and food cycles. Jeff’s expertise enables him to capture magnificent creatures in their natural habitats, specifically grizzly bears, moose, bison, and wolf packs.

Jeff has honed “over-snow” travel in recent winters using snow coaches or snowcats when regular access is closed off. Only certified guides can navigate these areas, allowing everyone who joins Scenic Safaris to become a part of this exclusive, sightseeing tour.

With Jeff leading the way, expect to be engaged with fascinating interpretive stories, whether it be grizzly bear anecdotes, the thermal history of Yellowstone, or tales from NASA’s space program.

Day 1: Journey into the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE)

a herd of sheep standing on top of a snow covered field

We’ll start at the National Elk Refuge, and then journey to Jackson Hole’s Gros Ventre areas. We’ll explore Grand Teton National Park, including Elk Ranch Flats and Oxbow Bend, before reaching Colter Bay. After passing Jackson Lake, we’ll head through JDRM Parkway to Flagg Ranch, where we will board our snow coach/snow cat. After venturing into Yellowstone’s closed South gate, we’ll navigate Lewis Canyon to West Thumb Geyser Basin and cross over Craig Pass. Then we’ll explore into the Firehole Canyon before finally ending our journey in West Yellowstone, MT.

Day 2: The Grand Canyon/Hayden Valley Run

a cat that is standing in the snow

We’ll journey 14 miles to Madison Junction, then pass through Gibbon landmarks to Elk Park and Norris, with possible pauses at Beryl Springs and Chocolate Paint Pot. Next, we’ll head 12 miles east to Canyon Village. From there, we’ll explore from Canyon Village through Hayden Valley, following the Yellowstone River to the Mud Volcanoes. We’ll then circle back through Hayden Valley, experiencing both sides of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.


Day 3: The Madison/Old Faithful Run

clouds in the sky over a body of water with Old Faithful in the background

We will start at Christmas Tree Park, heading to Seven Mile Bridge, stopping through Madison Canyon before passing into the Yellowstone Caldera via Madison Junction. We’ll journey south to Fountain Flats and the Lower Geyser Basin. We’ll then visit Fountain Paint Pots, Bobby-Socks Forest, and Tangle Creek before continuing on to the Upper Geyser Basin area to experience Old Faithful if we haven’t already done so.

Note: Not all stops are listed in this excitingly wonderful 3-day tour.


All tour photography courtesy of ©Jeffrey J. Soulliere. All images were taken on this tour during winter.