Yellowstone Winter Wildlife in Photos

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With sparse crowds and breathtaking snow-coated scenery, winter is a great time for photographers and adventurous travelers to visit Yellowstone and its signature feature, Old Faithful. Scenic Safaris offers several options for vacationers looking to trek Yellowstone during the snowy season. Hop on a snowmobile for a 12-hour guided tour focused on the geyser or take a leisurely (and heated!) ride by snow coach. Scenic Safaris also offers multi-day trips for those who want to take their time at Yellowstone and really see the sights. No matter which option you choose, here are some of the majestic creatures you’re likely to encounter on the journey. 

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​Why National Parks Matter

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We’re in an age where people spend more time looking down at their smartphones than they do looking up at nature. So, do national parks still matter? The numbers don’t lie. According to National Park Service (NPS) statistics, a record 4.8 million people visited Grand Teton National Park last year, while Yellowstone also exceeded expectations with 4.2 million. These two popular parks weren’t alone in raising the bar.

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Guide to Jackson Hole: Season by Season

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Wyoming doesn’t exactly seem like a vacation paradise. There are no palm trees or ocean beaches, and the mountainous landscape is blanketed in snow for half the year. But this sleepy state draws more than ten million visitors each year, thanks to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton as well as popular ski resorts. Most of the tourism is centered around Jackson Hole; the valley between the Teton Mountain Range and Gros Ventre mountains.

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​Why You Should Visit Yellowstone in Winter

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Yellowstone National Park is one of the biggest attractions in the Midwest. Located mainly in Wyoming, with small sections jutting into Montana and Idaho, the 3,500-square foot National Park drew a record 4,257,177 visitors in 2016. Travelers from across the globe flock to the geological spot to view the famous geysers, as well as canyons, rivers and pine forests. It’s an amazingly diverse and unique landscape.

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​How to Stay Safe in Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park is a self-contained wonderland. Located on 3,471 square miles of scenic forest land in Northern Wyoming, the park is home to more than 45 waterfalls and cascades, lush green forests, hot springs, and multiple geysers including the famous Old Faithful. There’s even a twenty-mile-long Grand Canyon with 1,200-foot-deep walls streaked in pink and yellow.

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​Yellowstone’s Geology Explained

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In 2014, the Seven Natural Wonders Organization selected Yellowstone National Park as one of North America’s most amazing features. It was an easy decision – of the scientists and leaders polled, Yellowstone received the most nominations and number one votes. “It is well known across the world that Yellowstone is a unique and amazing place,” Yellowstone Spokesman Al Nash said following the announcement.

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​Amazing Stories from a Tour Guide at Yellowstone and Grand Teton

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At Scenic Safaris, we’re privy to one of the biggest secrets in travel: You don’t have to cross the ocean to see impressive wildlife and one-of-a-kind scenery. America’s National Parks are home to abundant – and sometimes exotic – wildlife, from moose and elk to bears, coyotes and protected bird species like the peregrine falcons found at Yellowstone.

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​5 Places for Spectacular Sunsets in Grand Teton


Wyoming is home to some of the best mountain sunsets in the west. From Yellowstone to Jenny Lake and Aspen Mountain, rocky landscapes combine with cloudy skies painted in sherbet hues to create breathtaking photo-ops. Sunset viewing can be trickier at Grand Teton National Park. The mountain range runs north to south here, which means the Tetons block the sun as it dips close to the horizon.

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​Wildlife in Grand Teton: A Printable Checklist

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More than 4 million people travel to Grand Teton National Park each year. With more than 310,000 acres of pristine wilderness and a mountain summit towering 13,770 feet above sea level, the park is a haven for wildlife as well as hikers, rafters and mountaineers. The more secluded paths around Kelly Loop and Antelope Flats, in the eastern section of the park, are home to larger mammals including deer and bison.

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Yellowstone FAQ: Top 10 Curiosities

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You’ve probably seen images of Yellowstone’s famous geysers blasting toward the sky. Perched atop a dormant super volcano, this 2.2-million-acre wonderland was America’s first national park. It’s home to Old Faithful, the video-worthy cone geyser that’s erupted every 45 minutes to two hours since 2000 (watch the live webcam here), as well as colorful hot springs and a 136-square-mile lake.

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​What Makes Old Faithful So Faithful?

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Most geysers are not predictable. But, of course, we all know that the granddaddy of all geysers is one we have been counting on for years. The ability to determine the eruptions of Old Faithful with impressive accuracy is what earned the world’s most famous geyser its name. Many people mistakenly believe that Old Faithful erupts on or near the same time each day. While that may happen, the times of the previous day’s eruptions don’t actually play a role in the predictions the Yellowstone Park Rangers post each morning.
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Be Prepared For ATV Excitement With Scenic Safaris

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There are many calm, slow-paced ways to explore the surrounding Bridger National Forest. But an ATV Tour with Scenic Safaris is not one of them. Designed to traverse rough landscapes and capable of reaching freeway speeds, the performance all-terrain vehicles we use at Scenic Safaris are the ideal machines for visitors who like their sightseeing with the thrill of speed and adventure.
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Look To The Skies | The Birds of Yellowstone

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Yellowstone National Park is known for its amazing wildlife viewing opportunities year-round. Yet when most people think about the wildlife in Yellowstone, they picture bison, bears, elk, moose, or even wolves. At Scenic Safaris, we like to remind folks that not all of the amazing wildlife at Yellowstone can be found on the ground. Over 300 species of birds have been observed within park boundaries since it was established in March 1872. Here are a few to watch for on your next visit...
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Summer Hikes In Yellowstone

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Days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer. Summer is definitely on its way! Here at Scenic Safaris, we love the beauty of Yellowstone all year long, but there is no denying that summer is peak season for a reason at America’s first national park. While there are a lot of ways to see Yellowstone, nothing brings you up close and personal with the park’s diverse natural beauty like hiking. We are proud to offer two different guided summer hikes highlighting some of the best scenery and wildlife viewing in the park.
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Interesting Facts About Old Faithful

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Old Faithful, the world’s most famous geyser, is a must-see for visitors to Yellowstone. Most people know that Old Faithful got its name based on its highly reliable eruptions. But chances are, that may be all you know about this iconic hydrothermal feature of America’s first national park. Here are a few more interesting facts about Old Faithful.
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Exploring Yellowstone With The Best Guides

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Whether it’s your first trip to Yellowstone or your 101st, America’s first national park always has something new for you to discover. While you can see things on your own, exploring Yellowstone with the help of a professional guide helps to ensure that you not only experience the attractions you came to see, but also some that you may not have even known existed.
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What To Expect This Spring In Yellowstone

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Spring is a time of awakening at Yellowstone. Hibernating wildlife and young plant shoots begin to emerge with the changing of the seasons. As the transformation from winter continues, you will find that visiting Yellowstone in the spring offers many amazing opportunities to see the park as never before. Here are a few things to expect during a spring trip to Yellowstone National Park.
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