4 Fun Facts about the Jackson Hole Airport

No matter where you’re traveling, airplanes lend an exciting sparkle to your journey that car and train rides just can’t match. The glamour of air travel hasn’t faded since the 1960s and nowhere is this truer than the small and charming flight destination here in Jackson Hole.


Want to learn more about this quirky little landing strip? Here are four fun facts you didn’t know.


1. Jackson Hole Is Only a Few Hours from Everywhere in the West


Whether you live in California, Nevada, Oregon or other surrounding areas, you can get to Jackson Hole in a matter of hours – half a day at most. The easy travel day means you have plenty of time to explore the beautiful wilds of parks like Yellowstone and Grand Teton, even with only a long weekend at your disposal.


2. Jackson Hole Airport Is in the Middle of a National Park


Not many airports can claim to land you right into the middle of the nation’s natural areas. Jackson Hole airport has that distinction, however, located in the middle of Grand Teton National Park. In fact, it’s the only one that holds the honor!


3. Some People Come to the Airport Just to Eat!


Famous in the area, Jedediah’s Catering & Concessions has gotten rave reviews on Trip Advisor, and the locals will tell you they’re all deserved. With homestyle biscuits, chicken wings and a range of burgers, you’ll come hungry and leave happy.


4. Jackson Hole Airport Is Within Easy Driving Distance of Scenic Safaris


The best airports are those located within spitting distance of the activities for which you traveled here in the first place. Good news: Scenic Safari tour meetup points are super close to the airport, so you’ll have time for a morning adventure before your hotel check-in.


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