What You'll See on a Grand Teton Wildlife Tour

Jackson Hole is situated among the peaks and valleys of the Teton mountain range within Grand Teton National Park. It’s where you’ll find Scenic Safaris, offering ATV rentals and guided tours of Grand Teton National Park. Take off from Jackson in a luxury van and experience all that Grand Teton has to offer, while your guide provides interesting facts and stories about the area. If you’re considering one of our tours, here’s what you’ll see on a Grand Teton wildlife tour.


Antelope Flats


Antelope and bison are more likely to be seen during the morning hours, which is when your tour will occur. The Antelope Flats trail offers stunning views of the Tetons and many opportunities to see wildlife in their natural habitat. Even though the tour takes place in a van, there will be opportunities to get out and hike around. Bison have been known to cause traffic jams, which is when guests are advised to stay in the van.


Mormon Row


A destination for many professional photographers, the old log barn against the backdrop of the mountains is an iconic image—even better if you can get a bison in the shot. As you travel through Mormon Row, you’ll see this well-known landmark that was once featured in the movie “Shane.”


Moose Habitat


On our way back, we’ll explore some moose habitat. Grand Teton National Park offers many scenic roads in close proximity to wildlife habitats. Along the base of the mountains, there may be opportunities to see wildlife up close. The elongated windows of our van allow for optimal viewing experiences.  


This half-day guided tour will have you back in Jackson by mid-day. Each tour will vary slightly according to wildlife migration routes. Binoculars and spotting scopes for guests are provided. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to learn more about guided tours in Grand Teton National Park or book now.