Why You Should Visit Yellowstone in the Spring

Wondering whether or not Yellowstone National Park is worth a visit this spring? The answer is a pretty straightforward yes. With rolling meadows, soaring mountain peaks and meandering waterways, this jewel of a park is beloved any time of year – but spring brings some unique perks. Here are five of our favorite.


1. The Grasses Return

Yellowstone boasts some of the most gorgeous unspoiled prairie in the nation. With dozens of different grass species all bunched up cozy-like, these rolling hills are a sight for sore eyes starved by winter’s drabness. Even those who live in warmer southern climes will delight in the bright greens that abound this time of year.

2. Baby Animals

Baby. Animals. Need we really say more? They’re adorable. They’re fuzzy. They’re so terribly Kodak moment-y. Come in the spring, and you’ve got a good chance of catching baby bison, bighorn sheep, elk, bears and even antelope. Think of all the cuteness that can be yours!

3. Wildflowers

As the seasons change, flowers bloom in abundance. From wild strawberries to geraniums and parsnips, prickly pears to buckwheat, violets, paintbrushes and roses, you won’t get bored of blossom-spotting any time soon. The National Park Service offers a great resource for flower-lovers, listing the common native species as well as the blooms that were spotted in the last year.

If you’re more of a plant person than strictly a flower aficionado, the park has you covered there as well with more than a thousand different species. Don’t put that baby-animal-filled camera away just yet! 

4. Get the Best of All Seasons

Spring is a lovely blend of both winter and summer, with cooler weather slowly giving way to sunny days over the course of just a few weeks. If you’re hoping to book a tour, Scenic Safaris can help you, whether you’re looking to enjoy the vestiges of winter or get an early jump on summer here in Jackson, Wyoming. If you come at the right time, you can even take advantage of our rollover from winter to spring activities … it’s the best of all seasons!

Want to learn more about tours from Scenic Safaris? We’d love to help you out. Simply give us a call today at 888-734-8898 or email us through the site. Get ready to enjoy Yellowstone National Park exactly as it should be enjoyed!