How to Plan the Ultimate Yellowstone Vacation

Did you know Yellowstone National Park was founded almost 150 years ago? To be precise, the wilderness area turned 146 on March 1, 2018. Since its inception, Yellowstone has proven a refuge for wildlife and people alike. If you haven’t yet been, it’s time to check it out! Here are four tips for planning the ultimate Yellowstone vacation.
1. Choose Your Time of Year
Only you know whether you’d rather be bundled up or in a tank top. Start your planning by targeting the season of your choice: Here at Scenic Safaris, we offer tours for both snowbirds and summer-lovers, so don’t feel pigeonholed.
2. Pick Your Sights
What are you most excited about seeing on your Yellowstone trip? The Grand Canyon? Old Faithful? The Grand Tetons? All of the above? Before you can plan your trip well, it pays to do some online research, look at some photographs or read up on the official National Park Service website. Then choose your targets.
3. Select Your Mode of Travel
What are you in the mood for? Hiking? Floating? ATVs? Snowmobiling? Luxury van ride? Naturally, if you want, you can combine multiple modes of travel for different destinations. For instance, a Snake River Float & Sunset Wildlife Tour one day and a Grand Teton ATV tour the next. There’s always more to see in Yellowstone National Park.
4. Book Lodging in Advance
Yellowstone National Park is an incredibly popular destination in the warmer months, attracting almost a million visitors in July alone. If you’re visiting in spring, summer or fall, make sure you book well ahead of time. If you’re making a winter visit, you have a bit more flexibility. However, tours still fill up, so you should nail down your plans where possible.
Got all your ducks in a row now? Get in touch with a premier Yellowstone tour company such as Scenic Safaris to book an affordable, memorable vacation you and your family won’t soon forget. Spots fill up fast, though, so be sure to jump on it today.