Best Time to See Old Faithful in the Spring

Yellowstone has been a historic destination since 1872, when it was first signed into national park status by President Ulysses S. Grant. Today, thousands upon thousands of tourists flock to the park every year to view its rolling prairies, impressive rock formations and bison … some of the last free-roaming herds in the U.S. 

Nothing draws greater attendance, however, than Old Faithful. If you’ve been considering a trip to Yellowstone National Park, the question isn’t should you go this spring, but when. And the answer is … it kind of depends on you.

Old Faithful: Landmark of the American West

As the name suggests, this geyser erupts quite regularly. While it’s not clockwork, exactly – appearing every 35 minutes to 2 hours, for 90 seconds to 5 minutes – it goes off regularly enough that you can bring a picnic lunch, park yourself and be guaranteed to see it. Sign you up, right? But first … when?

Love Snow and Super-Swift Travel? Go Early Spring

If you adore a frosty scene, paired with speedy sightseeing, you’ll love our Winter Snowmobile Tour of Old Faithful. It extends into spring, when the crisp Wyoming conditions keep snow on the ground for quite a while. For a wintry scene, book your trip earlier in the year.

Prefer Foot Power and Greener Pastures? Late Spring for You!

If, on the other hand, you prefer to get out and stretch on your tour, then later spring is the best time to see Old Faithful. That’s when the land becomes fit for hiking again, and you can view the geyser up close and personal. (Okay, it’s not any closer than during the winter tour … you don’t want to get too near boiling water, now do you?) Find out more about our summer hiking tour today.

Tour with Scenic Safaris

Our advice? Here at Scenic Safaris, we want people to have the best possible time, which is why we recommend you come during the season you love most. If winter is your thing, book a trip early. If you prefer warmer conditions, hold off a few months. Either way, guess who’ll be waiting?

That’s right … good Old Faithful.