3 Tips for Visiting Yellowstone in Winter

Anyone can visit Yellowstone National Park in the summertime. Millions of tourists flock to the park to take advantage of hiking, rafting and swimming in the seasonal sunshine. Unfortunately, that also means heavier crowds. That’s why many avid adventurers and nature lovers prefer touring the park in winter, when sparkling snowfall blankets the landscape and you can view wildlife in a quiet and pristine habitat. If you’re up for the challenge, here are 3 tips for visiting Yellowstone in winter.

Tip #1: Stuff Your Suitcase

If you’re visiting Yellowstone National Park in winter, you’d better bundle up! The average high temperature here in late winter averages 27-37°F, with lows regularly dipping into the single digits. This is a great time to break out the thermals and wool socks, and pack a few granola bars or trail mix for on-trail snacking. Travelers are also advised to bring:
●       A waterproof/windproof jacket or snowsuit
●       Gloves
●       Well-insulated snow boots
●       Comfortable and warm fleece pullovers or sweatshirts
●       Winter hat
If you’re taking a guided snowmobile tour, Scenic Safaris will provide snow boots, suit, helmet and gloves so you’re ready to ride the trails. This can save valuable real estate in your suitcase for winter clothes, camera equipment, and of course souvenirs from one of America’s most visited National Parks. If you plan to be outside, a balaclava (ski mask) is also recommended. 
Tip #2: Don’t Go It Alone

It goes without saying that hikers should always travel in groups, if possible. This is especially necessary in the winter, when frigid temperatures and rapid snowfall can make travel especially precarious if you’re not prepared. All roads from Yellowstone’s South, West and East entrances are closed to regular vehicle traffic in the winter months, with the North Entrance in Montana only having a single road open to cars.
If you’re headed for Jackson Hole, the South Entrance will be your route. You’ll need an outfit like Scenic Safaris to take you into the park via an over-snow vehicle suited for winter travel. While some dedicated outdoors lovers bring their own snowmobiles to the area, hitched to a trailer, most winter visitors at Yellowstone National Park opt to stay safe on a group tour that provides gear and lunch or snacks while inside the park.
Tip #3: Choose Your Adventure Level

Though sightseeing options at Yellowstone are more limited during the snowy season, you’ll still need to make a few decisions. Do you love driving the open road? Want more control of your trip? If you love adventure and don’t mind a little bracing wind, consider taking Scenic Safaris’ snowmobile tour. We offer two winter snowmobile options inside the park, focused on traveling to either Old Faithful or the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Both are full-day tours offered through March 15. If the idea of cruising the snow-covered landscape behind the dash of a Ski Doo 4-Stroke machine gets you pumped up, this could be the tour for you!
On the other hand, if you have children in tow (or if “roughing it” is a night at the Holiday Inn), our Yellowstone Snowcoach Tour might be a safer bet. Old Faithful is the focus, and you’ll still get to traverse the 45 miles of trail past Moose Falls, Lewis Canyon and West Thumb Geyser Basin before watching the famed geyser erupt. On this trip, guests ride in heated comfort to each stop, pausing to take pictures of the majestic landscape and wildlife.
No matter which Scenic Safaris tour your family or travel group chooses, you’ll come back with amazing memories – not to mention breathtaking photos of Yellowstone National Park during its quietest moments. So, pat yourself on the back for contemplating a wild winter adventure in Wyoming’s signature national park. Then give us a call at 888-734-8898 or book online to start the journey to Yellowstone.
*Keep in mind that the park open December 15th each season and closes March 15th from the south entrance.