​Quiz: Should I visit Jackson Hole in Winter or Summer?

Wyoming is a hotspot for tourists, welcoming more than 8.5 million visitors each year. Many of these beeline for the area around the Jackson Hole Valley. A hub for winter sports, nature hikes and wildlife, this area boasts 3 major ski areas and access to two major National Parks: Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

There’s no bad time to visit Jackson Hole. While the area is flooded with picture-taking tourists in late spring, summer and early fall, this is also the best time for recreation opportunities and comfortable outdoor hikes. Guests can opt to go it alone on the trails or hop on a guided ATV tour or hike with Scenic Safaris. In the wintertime, most park roads close and over-snow vehicles (snow coaches, snowmobiles etc.) are required. The upside of visiting Grand Teton or Yellowstone during the snowy season is that it’s quiet and remote – during this time, you can see areas of pristine Wyoming backcountry that are rarely viewed!

Not sure which season is right for you and your family? Take our handy Jackson Hole quiz to find out when to schedule your next Scenic Safaris tour.

1. Do you consider yourself adventurous?
a. No
b. Yes

2. You can only have one background photo on your computer or smartphone this year. Which one appeals to you more?


3. Will any children 10 or under be traveling with you?
a. Yes
b. No
4. If you’re taking a trip to Wyoming’s National Parks, how important is wildlife viewing during your visit?
a. Very important. That’s why I’m there!
b. It would be nice, but I’m ok if I don’t see many animals.
c. I don’t need to see any wildlife.
5. Which animal would you rather see in the wild?
a. Grizzly bear

b. Grey wolf

c. Bison

6. Which place would you rather visit?
a. A comfortable, sunny and popular beach that’s packed with travelers
b. A difficult-to-reach destination that’s quiet and remote
7. What would you rather spend more of your time doing during your vacation?
a. Walking or hiking outdoors
b. Riding in or on a vehicle, or doing indoor activities
8. Which landscape do you prefer?
a. A scenic lake and grassy shore

b. Majestic mountains

9. How active do you plan to be during your vacation?
a. Always on the go! I love to pack my trip schedule with things to do.
b. Semi-active. I like to see things, but I need a break every now and then.
c. Totally restful. Give me a beach and a lounge chair!
10. Do you like skiing?

a. No thanks, I hate the cold.
b. Sure! I’ve spent some time on the slopes.
c. I’m not sure.
So, when should you visit Jackson Hole? Give yourself 2 points for every “A” answer and 1 point for every “B.”
1-13 points: You should visit Wyoming in the warmer months. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and heavier crowds attract more in-town events and festivals. There are also endless opportunities for recreation and wildlife viewing.
14-20 points: You should consider visiting Wyoming in the winter, in late fall or early spring. The crowds are smaller and the scenery literally breathtaking. You’ll be able to see the sights at Yellowstone or Grand Teton from a heated snow coach or on a snowmobile, and travel to areas rarely seen by tourists. Winter activities range from skiing and ice skating to taking a sleigh ride at the National Elk Refuge.
No matter what time of year you visit Jackson Hole, there’s always something amazing to do. Scenic Safaris offers a variety of summer and winter tours of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton, and other nearby remote  areas such as the Gros Ventre Mountains. Contact us at 1-888-734-8898 or visit us online to start planning your next Wyoming vacation.